Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is ZT

I love this picture it was taken in November 2008. We have had the joy of sponsoring ZT with New Day. This is what his foster mother wrote in his last update - (he is listed as Terry on the New Day site)

We bought two new books for Terry for his birthday. I didn’t imagine he would finish reading the two books so fast. Terry loves to look at and read books. He often says, lets go to the bookstore so and I can read the books there. I said, “What kind of book do you want, then your older sister can buy it on her way home?” Terry said, “I want to go so I can see all the books and choose which one I want! Also, if I go to the bookstore I can read most of the books there and we don’t have to spend as much money.” Terry is so smart, I am also so happy that he can think like this for the benefit of our family. He is such a good child!

Z's buddy and our soon to be son Z

Z will now be known as ZG and our soon to be son Z will be called ZT -
Z is very happy about having his buddy be his brother - this is a picture of them together in July 2007

Z loves Ultraman