Monday, June 15, 2009

2 A's and 2 Z's

Each night I sing to the kids the ABC song, and then the names of everyone in our family A for A----w, A for A--- L--, D for Daddy, G for Grandma, H for H----h, M for Mama, M for M-- Y---, S for S----h, Z for Z-G-- and Z for Z-T--
It's one of our nightly rituals and it was the first song that ZG learned. The picture was taken after Christmas dinner '07, ZG had been home for 3 months and H received the karaoke machine for Christmas.

Friday, June 5, 2009

we have an update

This Picture was taken in March.
Here are the most recent measurements we have on ZT.

Date 5/5/2009
Height 105 cm (he's the same size as MY)
Sitting Height 64 cm
Chest 52 cm
Head 50 cm
Foot 18 cm
Weight 33 kg (I'm thinking this must be pounds)

The New Day Luoyang website has ZT's birthday, March 10, 2002, but his adoption paper has his birthday as September 4, 2002 - anyway you look at it he is a very little 7 or 6 1/2 year old. ZT has been celebrating his birthday with his foster family on March 10 and we'll officially change his birthday back to March 10 when we readopt him. We have yet to readopt MY and ZG so it'll be a family affair (as a homeschooling family, having Chinese birth certificates for MY and ZG hasn't been a problem) maybe we'll get the readopt 2, readopt 1 free, special .

Monday, June 1, 2009

ZT's June update from his foster mother

Terry’s foster mom wrote this update:

Terry is growing taller, he said to his dad as he was wearing his old clothes, these clothes get put away for the winter with no exercise and they get smaller by themselves. I need to exercise everyday so I can get big and tall. Terry is also tall enough to reach the doorknob on the doors now. He can also open the doors. Every time someone comes to the door he races to open the door. His mother often tells him, “You can’t just open the door for anyone. You have to be careful of strangers and bad people.” “Well, then what should I do?” Terry said. “First look through the peep hole and look who is there, then open the door. Also, ask who it is, if you don’t know the voice then don’t open the door.” He also said, “I will ask them what is my mom and dad’s name?” Terry’s mother heard all this and was relieved. Terry is so smart!