Monday, November 9, 2009

ZT's October update from New Day

Dear Friends,

We hope this note finds you doing well, and that you enjoy reading this month's update.

Terry (ZT) is 7 Years 1 Month Old.

Terry's foster mom wrote this update.

Our whole family was together for Mid-Autumn Festival. We ate moon cakes and Terry loved the ones filled with red bean paste the best. At noon on the holiday, we ate dumplings, as is our tradition. Terry loves to eat them and even likes to help make them. First he washes his hands, then he watched us so closely so that he could learn how to wrap the dumplings. Terry’s dumplings didn’t come out the roundest, but he worked very hard on each one. His dumplings were terrific! He was sure to make a small mark on each one to remember that it was his... that way, as they were finished cooking, he could eat them one by one. After working on wrapping the dumplings, Terry had flour all over his face. He looked like a little cat. I let him look at himself in the mirror, and he thought it was so funny, that he immediately ran to his older sister and put some flour on her face also. He said, “You’re whiter and prettier now!” Everyone laughed at that. It was a happy Mid-Autumn festival.

If you ever have any questions, please let us know. Thank you for your continued support.


New Day Staff