Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tomorrow morning at 5:20 am, we drive to Chicago Children's for surgery. They'll redo Z's lip as the muscles aren't attached, fix his nose and close his hard palate. The dentist will come and do his teeth and the urologist will repair his buried penis - also the ENT will clean his ears and check his tubes. Surgery 5 1/2 hours and that's with urology and the dentist working at the same time.

We have been told that we will be coming home Friday morning. The cleft Dr will be sending us home with Motrin and the urologist with Tylenol with codeine.
Z will be on a soft food diet for 2 weeks, that's soft food as in anything he can drink out of a cup, no straws and no spoons.

Urologist says Z can be active when he feels like it, but no bike riding, no climbing, no horse play and anything else an almost 5 year old boy does for 2 weeks.

Other adoptive families have survived and we will to, although Dad has his doubts.

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