Monday, June 1, 2009

ZT's June update from his foster mother

Terry’s foster mom wrote this update:

Terry is growing taller, he said to his dad as he was wearing his old clothes, these clothes get put away for the winter with no exercise and they get smaller by themselves. I need to exercise everyday so I can get big and tall. Terry is also tall enough to reach the doorknob on the doors now. He can also open the doors. Every time someone comes to the door he races to open the door. His mother often tells him, “You can’t just open the door for anyone. You have to be careful of strangers and bad people.” “Well, then what should I do?” Terry said. “First look through the peep hole and look who is there, then open the door. Also, ask who it is, if you don’t know the voice then don’t open the door.” He also said, “I will ask them what is my mom and dad’s name?” Terry’s mother heard all this and was relieved. Terry is so smart!

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Hannah said...

he's so cute:)