Thursday, July 2, 2009

ZT's July update

Terry's foster mom wrote this update:

Now that summer is here, there are a lot of good fruit in plentiful supply. Terry loves to eat watermelon. But every time he eats watermelon, he ends up with a full shirt of watermelon juice and then his mother has to wash his clothes. Every time he sees his mother washing his clothes and how hard she works he says, “I wont eat watermelon anymore.” His mother said, "You can still eat watermelon, just try not to get it all over yourself." Then Terry thought for a long time and finally said, "Next time I eat watermelon, I’m going to lean over forward so the juice goes on the ground and not on me!" Then he said, "Mom you won't have to work so hard, I know how to eat watermelon now!" He is such a delightful and thoughtful boy!


New Day Staff

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