Saturday, September 15, 2007

Day 10

Day 10:  Today began with a very nice buffet breakfast and then we met with our guide and three other WACAP families.   The other families are adopting a 2 yr old boy, a 6 yr old boy and a 9 year old boy, all seem to be doing well with the 9 year old having the greatest problems with adjustment.   All 3 come from the same orphanage and the oldest was in foster care, I'm not sure about the other 2; it's nice to see that 4 special needs boys are with their forever families.   We walked with our guide Wendy, to a very small photo place to take passport pictures of the children.  After a short wait outside, we continued on down the street to the Guangdong Health Care Center.   It was here that Z had to pass a very cursory medical exam.  We did have confirmation by the ENT physician that Z has two fistula's in the roof of his mouth.   He weighed in at 16kg and was 96cm tall. 

It turns out that it is very hot here, over 90 °F and extremely humid.  Sweating only seems to make you wet and sticky – not much cooling effect.   After lunch at Lucy's ( a restaurant that caters to the western palate), we took a cab to the Guangzhou Zoo.  We really wanted to see their one Panda bear.   This we did, but it looked so hot and tired in that iron bar cage that it made us rather sad.  Both Z and M had a wonderful time finding and watching all of the animals.  

Back at the hotel, we arranged to for Wendy to get us set up with dinner.  We ate at a locals "Cantonese" place.  Seemed like a good idea to eat Cantonese while in the ancient city of Canton.   We had an excellent meal, returned to the hotel, wrote this blog entry, and then collapsed in bed.  Z continues his wonderful days and difficult evenings.   Once again he cried for quite awhile once he realized it was time for bed and the lights were put out.  His obvious grief just breaks our hearts.

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