Sunday, September 16, 2007

Day 11

Day 11:  Today was a free day.  After breakfast, we joined our guide and two other families on a tour of two historic sites in Guangzhou: The Six Banyan Tree Temple, and the Temple of Chen Family Academy.   We had visited both of these sites last year, but found plenty new to see and were awed by the architecture as before.  Amazing sites.

In the afternoon, our hired local guide, Ann, took us to the wholesale marketplace.   Here we found incredible deals on many things we had wanted to purchase.  It was a bit difficult with two small ones and sweltering heat and humidity, but we survived.   We bought so much for so little, it was a bit mind boggling.  Ann was absolutely wonderful throughout.  Anyone traveling here should consider using her service.  We will be happy to email contact information.  After getting back to the hotel, it was a nice meal at a Thai place and then off to bed.

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