Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 13

Day 13:   We are getting quite excited about returning home in a couple of days.  However, first things first.  Today began by meeting with our fellow WACAP families at the White Swan for the traditional "Red Couch" picture.   Though one child was so upset by the idea that he didn't participate, the rest did fine.  Afterwards we went shopping at a place known as the leather market and had lunch as well.   Back we came to meet with the other families and take a bus to the U.S. consulate in Guangzhou.  Here there was a brief swearing-in ceremony and we received Z's immigration visa documents.   These will allow him to enter the U.S. and to gain citizenship status upon being admitted into the country.  The documents were given to us in a sealed envelope, with instructions not to open them under any circumstance, but to hand carry them to the U.S. and present them to a U.S. customs officer.  After a long ride back to the hotel, we had dinner and called it an evening.


Laura Beth said...

Hello again from Virginia! I don't know if you are traveling to Qingyuan on this trip or not. I am trying to help find the new parents of 14 month old boy with cleft lip/palate from Qingyuan that may be in China adopting him right now. True Children's Home in Dongguan has a photo album & information for them and is trying to find them. If you bump into a family in Guangzhou/White Swan that meets that description can you please give them that message? The boy's name is Qing, Jun Lin, born 6/28/2006. Thank you and best wishes!

Laura Beth
Waiting for ZuGuo, age 13 months
Qingyuan SWI

Journey2LilyRose said...

Ah, that sealed envelope. I held on to that for dear life and wouldn't let anyone touch it, even my husband wasn't allowed to touch. WE were told "if the seal is broken, you will have to fly back to China and get a new sealed one". I am not sure if that was true lol but I wasn't taking any chances.

Congratulations on the swearing in ceremony.