Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day 7

Day 7:  Last night was a bit rougher for Z.  He cried a very sad cry in his mama's arms once the lights were out and it was time to go to sleep.   A bit more overt grieving it appears.  Even after falling asleep, he was rather restless much of the night. 


We awoke to a very smoggy day, much like yesterday.  Today we had a bit of a breather while awaiting the completion of government paperwork.   After a traditional Chinese buffet breakfast, our guide took us to see the famous Longmen Grottoes of Luoyang.  The site was amazing.   In the cliff sides along the Yi River beginning in the year 496AD during the Northern Wei and Tang Dynasties, thousands of grottoes and caves were dug out and figures, primarily Buddha's, were carved within.   The largest Buddha carving, see photo, is approximately 56' tall.  It was all very impressive.  Y and Z had a great time tagging along and keeping us busy.  After getting back to the hotel, Z and his Mama worked on mastering the concept of solving jigsaw puzzles, which he really enjoyed. We are also happy to report that Z started playing in earnest with his new little sister.   He really is a kind and friendly little boy.


Note to potential visitors to this hotel:  we've discovered an interesting service offered each evening, apparently only to the men in the hotel.  Each night our room gets a phone call.   If C answers the phone, a body massage is offered by a female voice.  If either woman in our party answers, the caller hangs up immediately.   Hmmm.


Journey2LilyRose said...

Just wanted to say congratulations to you and your family.

Your new son is adorable and your daughter is just 2 beautiful.

We wish you all the best.


Riley Ewen said...

Hey Mr. Smith,
CONGRATULATIONS on the new boy and I'm sure he'll be fine once he knows how good of hands he's in. And that he will be home schooled. Have fun on the rest of your trip, because when you get back there's going to be a lot of unlearned students (the subs don't do a very good job). Anyways, good luck and I'll keep you in my prayers.