Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Completing the Adoption Registration

Zhengzhou Day 7 (Tuesday)

Today we completed our adoption of ZT through what the Chinese call the registration process – essentially consisting of monetary transfers, a great deal of paperwork written in Chinese characters that we couldn't read but had to sign, and the giving of "gifts" to the officials. It began with a return to the same office building we went to yesterday where an official presented us with a key document and offered congratulations. We presented the customary "gift" and then took the bus to another provincial office building. Here all 14 families were crowded into a small conference room where we signed many more important documents, had our picture taken with ZT and presented more "gifts." This completed the process and we now just wait for ZT's Chinese passport to be issued so he can leave the country.

Upon returning to the hotel we had lunch and a great swim in the pool. Maureen and Aura Lee then ventured to the local Chinese WalMart for a few supplies and brought dinner back for everyone back. Craig and the boys played Lego's and watched an Ultra-man video on the computer. When his mama left for the store ZT was very sad and cried for the first time – about 15 minutes or so – attachment is beginning to take hold! ZT seems to have a bit of a fever as we go to bed – hopefully that will improve tomorrow.

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