Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We have our tickets!

We leave July 13th! We'll first visit ZG's foster family and ZT will officially be with us on the 19th. We'll be staying in Luoyang for 3 nights, Zhengzhou for 5 nights and Guangzhou 8 nights. Then off to Beijing for 2 nights, where we're taking AL (17) and the boys to hike the great wall. We'll be home August 4th. Our oldest S(28) will be staying with H(14), A(9) and MY(5).

Going we'll fly Chicago, Seoul to Beijing but the return is where the excitement is we fly from Beijing to Seoul, spend the night, Seoul to Honolulu, spend the night and then home to Chicago. Crazy and insane? yes (and yes we could have flown direct for $1000 more per ticket). I love my travel agent.

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