Saturday, July 24, 2010

Guangzhou Day 11

Guangzhou Day 11 (Saturday)

Today we were up early and headed to the White Swan where we met our group. The grandeur of the interior waterfall, pond and fish at the White Swan was very captivating for the boys. Our group walked over to the other side of Shamian Island for photos of the children and then down the street to the medical exam facility. I would characterize the scene inside this facility as fairly well organized bedlam. The space is not all that large and was full to overflowing with dozens of families trying to successfully navigate the process. ZT had five stations to visit: ENT; Ht., Wt., temp, and BP; medical/surgery; vision screening; and a TB test. We'll have to wait until Monday to find out what immunizations he will have to receive. We made one rather astounding discovery when his vision was tested from 20 feet. He could read right down the chart with his right eye, but with his left he appeared to struggle seeing anything but the largest size. We put on ZG's glasses and he could then read right down the chart with his left eye. Are they twins or what? At the ht/wt station they asked him his name and he said ZT (of course all the paperwork says Dang Yu Kai). The nurse smiled and asked if his name was Dang Yu Kai, ZT paused a second and then emphatically shook his head yes – smart boy this one is.

Afterwards it was lunch, and then while Maureen stayed behind at the White Swan for paperwork, Craig and the rest headed back to the apartment for a nice swim in the pool.

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