Saturday, July 24, 2010

Zhengzhou to Guangzhou

Zhengzhou to Guangzhou Day 10 (Friday)

Today was a travel day. After some morning shopping we returned to the hotel and received ZT's passport – he is now free to travel. Unfortunately the weather turned bad and once boarded on the plane we sat and sat and sat at the gate. Everything was in Chinese so we never really understood the exact reason for the delay, but when the captain left the plane and the crew broke out the carts and started serving us our hot meals and drinks (we're still sitting at the gate mind you), we knew it was going to be awhile. Eventually we did get off the ground, saw an amazing lightning display all around us as at 35,000 feet as the pilot zigzagged through the thunderheads (yes, it was a sort of scary thrill), and landed in Guangzhou about 10:00pm. Oakwood Residence picked us up and we are now getting settled in a most amazing 3 – bedroom, 3 – bath, full kitchen, elegantly furnished etc. apartment for the week. More on this will follow.

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