Saturday, July 17, 2010

Louyang Day 3

Luoyang Day 3 (Saturday)

Today began with a Chinese breakfast (the beef floss in the rice congee was especially good) – followed by some shopping nearby. We then left for the big event of the day and had an amazing lunch at a local spot with Zigui and his foster family. Lot's of great food to eat, and with Mike to translate, communication went well. We traded many stories and had long held questions answered. ZG had a rather difficult time dealing with all of his emotions but eventually gave his foster mother a big hug (see picture) and warmed up to the whole event. We left lunch with a plan to stop by for one last goodbye to ZG's foster family tomorrow. We finished the day with more shopping and dinner at our new favorite "Dumpling" spot. Tomorrow we are off to Zhengzhou to meet up with all of the other families in our group and prepare for our "gotcha" day on Monday.

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