Friday, July 16, 2010

Luoyang Day 2 (Friday)

First we accompanied Mike to one of the foster families homes and visited with the foster kids so Mike could take the monthly pictures for New Day. Besides "Terry" (ZT) we have sponsored "Heidi" for almost 2 1/2 years and she was in the dress we had sent her last summer and it was still large. She is a little 4 year old and has a wonderful smile - it was so nice to see her and the other New Day children and the love that their foster parents have for them. The other foster children are younger and wanted to stay close to their foster mothers. It was truly a wonderful gift to be able to join Mike on his visit. Mike passed out the pictures and letters that we had received from families that had adopted New Day Luoyang children. The mothers really enjoyed looking at them and were obviously thrilled to have the pictures and the update from these children that they loved so much. ZG gave a sucker to each of the children and then we passed out the toys and socks that we had for them. We gave Heidi some extra things, including color pencils, hair bands and princess markers, as she and Terry are older then the rest, for Terry we had a soccer ball, as our last update told of his love for soccer. We had been told that ZG's foster mother wanted us to come to her home to visit so we walked to her home a block away. It was so wonderful to meet ZG's second mother, the woman that taught him to be the loving boy that he is. We gave each other a hug and then she picked ZG up and gave him many kisses - he did very well but was a little shy. As she sat holding ZG her tears came and so did mine, I could only hold her hand. The love she had for ZG was evident as was the pain that she felt when she had to say good bye to him almost 3 years ago. She told us how a few months ago she had had a dream that she had come home to find ZG playing in their living room and here he was in her home, God is good. She is a woman of great faith and when I told her that she was a gifted mother, that she had taught ZG to be so loving, she gave all credit to God. We had a wonderful visit today and tomorrow we will have lunch together.

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