Thursday, July 22, 2010

Zhengzhou Day 9

Zhengzhou Day 9 (Thursday)

Today we had no adoption business to complete – just waiting for the passport. Tomorrow it's off to Guangzhou – about a four-hour flight. We began with a visit from Pam and her daughter (6 ½) (check out her amazing story at to swim with us at the hotel. We had a wonderful time. Aura Lee went on a tour of the Provincial Museum with some of the other families – saw lots of amazing things. After Pam left we had a good time at a nearby park – complete with amusement rides and a lake with paddleboats – very beautiful. In the afternoon we taxied to one of Pam's "baby" houses – essentially a very small apartment filled to capacity with 10 special needs babies and two nannies. The babies were just finishing being fed when we arrived with a birthday cake to celebrate the birthday of 3 of them. Pam gave us the background on most of the babies – all of which have challenges ahead. One of the more fortunate babies is waiting to be picked up by a family in Michigan. The whole house was obviously set up to provide loving, nurturing care. Pam and Clay are an amazing couple, as demonstrated by the effort they are making to save the life of these and many more unwanted babies, as well as to try and find loving homes for each.

Pam's daughter really enjoyed our visit and wanted to go out for dinner at the local McDonald's. The kids had a great time. Here we offer ZG's analysis of the food "the chicken nuggets were just like the ones at Steak and Shake."

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