Thursday, July 22, 2010

Zhengzhou Day 8

Zhengzhou Day 8 (Wednesday)

Today was a long day for me and daddy. Mom entertained the boys while we traveled back to Luoyang to visit ZT and ZG's orphanage. The bus was incredibly slow and when we finally arrived we discovered the babies were having their nap so we would have to wait until after lunch to see them. They shuttled us into a meeting room, complete w/ big oval table flowers and water bottles where we met with the assistant director of the orphanage to ask our questions. We asked but after a great deal of talking we decided they really didn't answer any of them. When we asked about ZT we asked for any info or pics under either name ( Dang ZT or Dang Yu Kai) They insisted that they had never had a child named ZT - this was not unexpected. They didn't give us any pictures but did say that they would look through their records and email us any they could find ( they collected all our emails) so we'll see if they do. Then they took us to lunch at an exceptionally fancy and traditional restaurant - evidently very famous for conducting 'the water ceremony. It was a very extravagant meal with much ceremony. The restaurant was beautiful and the waitresses wore beautiful traditional dresses so that was cool and the food was very good. Then we went back to the orphanage and went up to the older children's floor and saw all of them - one of the girls adopted lived up there and she came with her dad to visit them and they were all very happy and excited to see her, she was like a celebrity to them. After visiting up there for awhile most of us went down to the next floor to see the younger children and they took us to ZT's old room (which had also been ZG's room at one point) and all the little children were sitting on their buckets and we had brought some lollie-pops from another family to pass out and so the nannies passed those out and when the kids saw them they all started scooching toward the nannies to get a lollie-pop. We stayed in there for a little while and got a picture with the nanny who remembered both ZG and ZT (as ZT not as Yu Kai). Then we walked down the halls looking in the other rooms at all the Babies/Toddlers in the playrooms with their nannies. Then we went to another room with some children of different ages all sitting at a table and they liked it when we took pictures of them and then let them see the pics on the camera. Daddy took Lots and lots of pictures and I got as much video as I could before my camcorder's memory got full, and I didn't know how to switch to internal memory so I just took pictures after that but we were almost done when then happened so that was good. Then we got ready to go, though it was hard to say good bye to all those children and leave, it was especially hard for the girl who was adopted to leave her friends and for her friends to say good bye, they watched out of the window and were crying as was she. The bus driver took Mikes route back to the hotel so it didn't take quite as long to get back, only about 2 1/2 hours as apposed to the 3+ on the way there. We got back fine, though very tired and Mom, ZT and ZG got back from the pool a little after us. Then Mommy's friend Pam came to visit and we called ZT's Foster Mother and he talked to her and after that he was pretty sad and cried and Mommy held him and rocked him, afterwards he felt better he played Lego's with ZG and then we had dinner (at a small local restaurant) and now we are all going to bed.

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